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In this day and age, searching for better ways to ensure your home’s air is safe to breathe feels like our number one priority. That’s why Champion AC & Plumbing is proud to offer multiple air cleaning solutions. 

The REME Halo air scrubber is a fantastic, whole-home approach to cleaner air. We want you to feel comfortable making this investment, so here are some of the questions we commonly get from our customers interested in the REME Halo.

How Does The REME Halo Air Scrubber Work?

You may know the general principle of air scrubbers and how they filter out contaminants from your air, but the air-purifying science behind these devices is actually based on nature. In our atmosphere, lightning uses its negative charge to activate hydrogen peroxide molecules. These molecules clean the air, leaving a fresh smell behind. 

The REME Halo pumps the same hydrogen peroxide molecules into your home, which work to sanitize and make air filtration easier for your HVAC system. This Hydro-Peroxide Plasma forces tiny particulates in the air to bunch together and coagulate. These larger particles are far easier for your existing air filters to catch before they enter your home again.

Additionally, the ionized hydroperoxide in the air works to kill airborne microbes and sanitize surfaces in your home. 

What Air Contaminants Can The REME Halo Remove/Reduce?

Most air filtration systems are effective against one kind of air pollutant, but the REME Halo can effectively combat all three types of indoor air pollutants.

  • Particulates: Things such as pollen, dander, dust and mold spores are forced to clump together, allowing your AC filtration system to catch more contaminants in your air.
  • Microbes: The REME Halo can reduce a variety of airborne and surface viruses or bacteria. The oxidized plasma traveling through the air even reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time it takes a sneeze to spread 3 feet. 
  • Gases: All of those annoying odors that seem to circulate throughout your home are a thing of the past. The REME Halo removes smells from cooking, pets, trash, dirty laundry and smoke, replacing them with fresh clean odors. 

What Do You Need To Install A REME Halo?

REME Halo air scrubbers are designed to work with your existing HVAC system. This means you need to have an established HVAC system with a duct network for the air scrubber to pump its Hydro-Peroxide Plasma around your home effectively. 

Are REME Halo Air Scrubbers Trustworthy?

REME Halo air scrubbers are used by medical facilities, the U.S. military, cruise lines, schools and daycares, animal services and food processing plants. The wide range of credible and varying applications of this air scrubber make it completely reliable and real-world verified. 

Ready For Air Quality Solutions?

If you’re convinced that you need a REME Halo air scrubber in your home, count on Champion AC & Plumbing to complete a flawless air scrubber installation. If you need more answers or air quality options, our air specialists are ready to help you out! Just give us a call to start your journey to fresher, cleaner air!