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Benefits of Attic Insulation

Did you know that 90% of residential homes in America are considered under-insulated? You may not put a lot of stock in your home’s attic insulation, but it has lasting effects on your entire home health that you may not be aware of. Champion AC & Plumbing wants your AC system to run smoothly and efficiently, and sometimes that means giving it a little help. Read on to learn the five main benefits of proper insulation in your attic!

5 Advantages of Attic Insulation

If you’re wondering what insulation does for your home and energy consumption, don’t worry! Our team has intimate knowledge of the industry and knows exactly how your attic insulation helps your home run efficiently.

1. Reduced Utility Bills

Heating and cooling efforts can make up to 70% of your monthly energy bill. If you’re using that much energy to achieve your desired temperature, you certainly don’t want any more energy to be wasted in the process. 

Homes with inadequate insulation struggle to contain the conditioned air that is delivered to the living spaces. The temperature is more likely to dissipate into the attic or outside without a proper barrier to keep it where it should be.

2. Higher Indoor Air Quality

Poor insulation can cause gaps in your air sealing which means that air can enter your home unfiltered. Your AC is responsible for filtering out harmful contaminants from your air, but air entering your home from your attic could spread dust, dirt and allergens throughout your home before it is filtered into the air system. You may notice your indoor air quality is poorer or you may start showing signs of allergies more often.

3. Accurate Comfort

You don’t want to have uneven cooling or heating in your home. When the temperature outside changes, your home should be able to remain the same level of comfort. Without proper insulation, your home temperature can easily fluctuate and become uncomfortable. Appropriate insulation holds in the hot or cold air and allows your AC unit to change the temperature gradually and by your command.

4. Less HVAC Strain

When you set your thermostat to a certain temperature, your AC starts to work to regulate the air in your home to match that number. When your insulation is allowing the air inside to fluctuate and escape at all times, your AC unit has to struggle to keep cooling or heating your air. This constant struggle puts strain on your AC system and can cause frequent repairs or premature breakdowns. 

5. Safer House Structure

Insulation prevents air from escaping your home, but it also controls the heat and moisture in your air. The structural integrity of your home can be affected by too much exposure to heat and moisture, but with proper insulation, you won’t have to worry about it.

Need Attic Insulation Evaluation?

If you’re ready for a more efficient home, contact our team at Champion AC & Plumbing. We have all the knowledge and advice to make your insulation modification a smooth and easy process. Contact us today to start your insulation project!