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Ductless AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Champion AC & Plumbing Austin provides all of the ductless AC services you need in Austin, from air conditioning installation to repairs. We’re committed to providing you with home comfort solutions that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Our energy-efficient Mitsubishi mini-split systems are the perfect ductless AC for customers who want to lower their impact on the environment without compromising their comfort. If you already have a ductless system, choose a team that’s as dedicated to your comfort as we are our own.

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How Mini-Split AC Works

Ductless AC, or mini-split AC, works very similarly to central heating and cooling. The system cools by pulling refrigerant through the indoor and outdoor units, where it first absorbs heat from inside and then releases it outside. The two units are connected through a small hole in the wall.

Usually placed high on an exterior wall, a ductless air conditioner is different from central AC in that it — you guessed it — doesn’t use ducts. Instead, a mini-split system cools one room at a time, using a fan to blow air directly out of the unit rather than using ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the entire home.

Why Is Ductless Air Conditioning a Good Choice?

There are many reasons why ductless air conditioning has become so popular in recent years. Ductless AC has several key benefits that make it a good choice for many homeowners. These benefits include:

  • Temperature control for individual rooms
  • Energy-efficient
  • Less invasive than central AC
  • Sleek design

Ductless AC Repair

Whether you’re considering a ductless air conditioner or you already have one, it’s important to remember that your system will need regular maintenance and repairs, just like an air conditioner. To keep your mini-split running smoothly, have it serviced twice a year and replace the air filter regularly. Contact Champion AC & Plumbing today to schedule repairs or regular maintenance for your ductless system.

When to Choose Mini-Split AC

Many homeowners choose ductless air conditioning because the space they want to cool is unable to accommodate ductwork or adding ductwork is too expensive. Ductless may be the right choice for cooling the following:

  • Closed in garages or attics
  • Home extensions
  • Basements
  • Guest-houses
  • Older homes that are unable to accommodate ductwork

Let us show you that we are the best choice for ductless AC services. Contact Champion AC & Plumbing today to schedule ductless installation, repairs or maintenance.

With ductless air conditioning, there’s no need to fight over the thermostat setting. Each room can be cooled to the user’s preference without affecting the rest of the house.