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Common Issues Caused By Your Heater

Even here in Austin, it’s such a bummer to go without a heater during the winter. We can’t afford to suffer through freezing temperatures during a cold front, but we don’t always know what’s wrong with our heaters. How can we tell when a heater repair is looming?

Champion AC & Plumbing is here to remind you of some common signs that your heater is malfunctioning. We can also share with you some unexpected signs that may occur in your home when your heater needs some attention.

Signs Your Heater Isn’t Performing

If you check on your heater regularly, you shouldn’t have any problem noticing the obvious signs of it malfunctioning. No indicator is too small to be considered a problem. It’s much better to address a small issue than to let it fester and grow bigger.

  • Short/Long Cycling — Frequent cycles indicate a problem with the sensors, thermostat or circulation.
  • Yellow Pilot Light — The light on the front of your furnace can glow yellow. Call a professional immediately in case a gas leak has occurred.
  • Pooling Water — A pool of liquid might be caused by a clogged condensate line!
  • Gas Smells — If you smell gas in your home, immediately leave the area and call emergency services. A heater repair team can help get your home safe again.
  • Old Age — As time passes, your unit might start to perform less efficiently or exhibit more frequent repairs.

These repairs listed above are issues we handle all the time in the Austin area. Our professionals know just how to identify your heater’s problem and recommend the best solution for your home and budget. We don’t come to sell you something you don’t need, so you can trust that our advice is honest — especially when we recommend heater replacement.

Unexpected Effects Of Heater Trouble

If your heater isn’t showing the typical signs of distress, you might not know it needs repair. Keep your eye out for these alternative heater repair symptoms.

Odd Sounds

Any kind of popping, clicking or rattling inside your heater is not normal. Pay attention to these sounds and take them seriously. Our professionals certainly will!

Thermostat Issues

You may not think your thermostat and heater can share issues, but they are directly connected! If your thermostat is having problems, it could be caused by electrical or mechanical repairs within the heater itself!


Have you noticed more dust than usual collecting on the surfaces inside your home? Maybe your family is sneezing more often? Extra dust in the air could be caused by clogged heater air filters. Don’t let your indoor air quality be affected — call for heater repair!

Spiked Energy Bills

A sudden increase in your energy consumption that doesn’t reflect your actual use is not a good sign. Many heater repairs resolve efficiency problems, returning your energy usage to normal.

Heater Repairs For Problems Big And Small

Champion AC & Plumbing is detail-oriented and provides customized solutions for every heater issue. If you’re looking for a trustworthy heater company to take care of your repairs this winter, we’ve got your back. Contact us today to start your service request!