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How Long Does It Take To Install Air Ducts?

If you have decided to replace some of your air ducts or are looking for more information before your ultimate decision, you’ll want all of the details you can get. Champion AC & Plumbing believes in an upfront and honest standard of service that provides the customer with an in-depth understanding of our service processes. Read on to learn what the important factors are that our installers take into account when estimating your ductwork replacement timeline.

What Is The Average Ductwork Replacement Length?

On average, ductwork projects can take between one and four days to complete. The easiest duct projects without any complications are fairly simple jobs and can take as little as one day. However, there are many factors that can change that timeline.

Every home is different, and that means that your ductwork modifications could take longer or shorter than the average duct project. Our experienced team does their very best to give you an accurate time estimate of your project, but unexpected obstacles can always arise.

What Affects Ductwork Replacement Timelines?


The overall design of the system can take a while to formulate in the first place. Once the design is approved it can greatly affect the amount of time the system takes to install. If the design is intricate or complex it will take more time for the technicians to correctly install it. On-the-job repairs are likely to be needed, multiple temperature controls must be incorporated and even adding vents that weren’t there before takes extra time.


The size of your duct network determines how many ducts must be installed and how long the project will take. Larger homes with more square footage or multiple stories often require more ducts to adequately provide air to the home, but that also means more manpower and time is needed to complete the job.


There is a difference between simply replacing the same type and size of ducts and upgrading the ducts to a bigger size or different type. Replacing ducts with a new type or size of the duct will take longer to make sure all the new connections are correctly installed and that the change in size has not caused any unexpected problems.


Any permits needed to do work in the home or building could be delayed which may mean the entire project is delayed before it even begins. This may be a bigger problem to those whose ducts are completely non-functional since they’ll have to wait with no air system until the permits are approved and received.


Some ductwork is tucked away or rendered inaccessible in the area where it sits. This could be because of home damage, personal belongings or other common obstacles. When the air ducts are not easily accessible it will take technicians longer to clear the way to the area and replace the problematic ducts.

Are You Interested In Air Duct Replacement?

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