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Best Time to Check Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are designed to be hidden, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Despite popular belief, it’s important to check your air ducts every now and then for leaks and other damage that could be causing problems. Let’s talk about why and when your air ducts need an inspection. 

Why should you check your air ducts?

Damaged and dirty air ducts are nothing but trouble for your HVAC system as a whole. Not only do air leaks and other damage make your system less efficient, but they also cost you money by allowing conditioned air to escape before it cools your home. Dirty air ducts (which can be caused by leaks) also reduce the quality of your home’s air. Having your ductwork inspected lets you know if you need HVAC duct repair before the problems cost you more money.

When to Check Your Ductwork

You should have your ducts inspected (or inspect them yourself if you have the time and know what to look for) once per year. The best time to schedule your inspection is in the early spring or late fall because you’re not using your AC very much and your heater isn’t really needed. This makes it easier to inspect the ductwork and do air duct repair if needed, especially because your attic won’t reach triple digits or be extremely cold. When your HVAC technician is comfortable, the job gets done faster!

Preventing Damage

If your technician recommends ductwork repair or duct cleaning to improve your air quality, don’t be deterred from future inspections! Finding damage means that your preventive inspections fulfilled its intended purpose: finding problems before they become bigger and more expensive. Just like with HVAC tune-ups duct inspections are meant to make sure your air ducts are working fine and fix them if they aren’t.

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