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Why Are There Hot Spots And Cold Spots in Your Home?

Have you ever moved from one room to another in your home and experienced a noticeable temperature change? While this may work out for you if your household is split between warm-natured and cold-natured people, it’s not normal and could indicate a range of problems with your HVAC system. So what causes hot and cold spots?

Small Problems

There are a few common causes of temperature inconsistency that, luckily, you can fix pretty easily. Check for:

  • Blocked air vents. If they’re blocked, move whatever is in the way. This includes opening the air vents if they’re closed.
  • A dirty filter. Dirty filters block airflow much like a closed vent, making your AC inefficient, so you should replace them every few months.
  • Sunny areas. If a room gets a lot of sun during the day, it will be warmer naturally. This is called solar heat gain, and you can mitigate it with shades.
  • Thermostat location. If your thermostat sits in the sun or near a heat-producing appliance, it will interfere with the temperature readings. You may need to have your thermostat moved.

Air Duct Issues

A much more serious cause of hot and cold spots would be leaks in your ductwork. When air ducts leak, cool air escapes through the leak before reaching its intended room. This makes your AC less efficient and costs you more on your energy bill. If you suspect duct leaks, ductwork repair from a professional is the answer.

Air Leaks

Similar to duct leaks, air leaks around your home’s windows and doors could be causing issues by letting cool air out and warm air in. An energy audit will be able to tell you if your home has air leaks, and sealing them and adding weatherstripping to doors should fix the problem.

Poorly Sized HVAC System

If your HVAC system is too small for your home, it won’t be able to adequately cool each room like it’s supposed to. When buying a new air conditioner, make sure that every sizing factor is taken into account to ensure the correctly sized unit.

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